Markus Lupfer

Born: 1971 in Kisslegg, Germany

Markus Lupfer has transformed the Spanish brand Armand Basi with his use of graphic elements, clean lines and playful yet timeless approach.

He studied fashion design at the University of Westminister, selling his 1997 graduation collection to Koh Samui, thereby launching his own label. Two years later he produced a capsule collection for Topshop, and introduced an accessories line three years on.

In February 2006, Markus became creative director for Armand Basi womenswear, and set about repositioning the brand in the limelight. His spring/summer 2008 collection did just that, blending rich corals, dainty pinks, glossy blacks and shimmering silver into a rich kaleidoscope of print and colours.

Markus is currently inspired by artists Katharina Fritsch, Matisse and Joseph Szabo. His aim, he says, is to position the brand as refreshing yet relevant to the current fashion climate.

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