E Tautz

Patrick Grant, the man behind E Tautz, studied at Leeds and Oxford and has been running Norton & Sons, a bespoke tailoring house on Savile Row, since 2005.

Describing his designs as 'English clothes', Patrick pays special attention to the line of the shoulder and waist, aiming for a classically proportioned, well balanced silhouette.

"We use the cloths that our clients on Savile Row ask for," he explains. "Substantial cloths that tailor well and wear well. Ones that improve with age. We use Yorkshire worsteds and West of England flannels, Shetland wools, and English Bridle leathers."

Patrick's autumn/winter 2009 collection is inspired by the photographic archive at Sandringham Estate, both the colours of the landscape and the clothes of its house guests.

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