Kinder Aggugini

Born: 1966 in Milan

Describing the inspiration for his label as a marriage between Sid Vicious and Coco Chanel, Kinder Aggugini says he designs for the “rocking chic” woman.

After studying at St Martins during the Eighties he went on to work with John Galliano, Vivienne Westwood, Paul Smith and Calvin Klein.

Described as "fabulously opinionated and discursive" by his pals, Kinder, who spent seven years as head designer for Versace, is a larger than life character who applied for his job with Galliano dressed as a policeman.

Renowned for his use of fabrics and dye-dipping technique, he took his inspiration from this year's collection from water-stained prints, Sarah Moon photography and Jimi Hendrix.




Latest collections


Vivienne Westwood Gold Label Collection
Dramatic images from last November's music and ballet-filled catwalk show which Vivienne presented in London for the first time