Charles Anastase

Born: 1979

Born to an academic French mother and Armenian architect father, Charles Anastase initially studyied political science at Paris' Lycee Charlemagne. However, in 2002 he decided his future lay in being an artist.

His skill in pencil drawing led to successful exhibitions in Paris, Vienna, Tokyo and Mexico. And his work was published in avant-garde magazines such as Purple and Dazed And Confused.

When he was asked by Calvin Klein to illustrate a 2004 advertising campaign, he career path took a different turn.

Charles' designs, which are favoured by Keira Knightley, Chloe Sevigny and Emma Watson, are inspired by 19th century Victoriana, with an emphasis on attention to detail and precise tailoring.




Latest collections


Vivienne Westwood Gold Label Collection
Dramatic images from last November's music and ballet-filled catwalk show which Vivienne presented in London for the first time