Sienna and Savannah Miller

Born three years apart in New York and Hong Kong, Miller siblings Sienna and Savannah showed signs of the direction their future would take early on, with Sienna staging kiddies' plays and Savannah attempting to knit using a pair of pencils.

While her older sister studied acting at the Lee Strasbourg institute in New York, Savannah undertook a BA in fashion design at Saint Martins, graduating with a first class degree in 2004.

After a stint working with Alexander McQueen, she went on to freelance for Betty Jackson, Matthew Williamson and Shanghai Tang

The sisters' joint fashion venture came about after they were approached in 2006 by Carlos Ortega with the idea of creating a diffusion line. They launched under the date of the actress' birthday, favouring the moniker as something more abstract than a direct reference to their names.




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