London Fashion Week: Boris, Beyonce and Burberry all set to create buzz

The three Bs are likely to be the highlights of London Fashion Week.

Beyonce and the most glamorous bump in pop are expected to take in some shows, following her recent appearances in the New York counterpart.

Burberry’s front row is, as usual, likely to be crammed with A-listers.



Following last year’s guest list that included Rachel Bilson, Alexa Chung and Samantha Cameron, there are high expectations.

And finally, the most fabulous blonde in the capital will participate in the stylish event – Boris Johnson.

He may not be the most dedicated follower of fashion, but as the Mayor of London, he joined a well-groomed crowd on Friday to officially open his city’s Fashion Week.

Apart from that, Tom Ford’s show is definitely one to watch.

He is the latest top designer to embrace London’s catwalk, and his debut is eagerly anticipated.



Giles Deacon has sent out metallic mask with tassels as invites in a sure sign of some sartorial wackiness ahead.

And Christopher Kane - who boasts Samantha Cameron as a diehard devotee – will no doubt be celebrating his fifth London Fashion Week anniversary in serious style.

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