Gwyneth Paltrow: 'London girls dress so well'

Last month a global survey named London fashion capital of the world for 2011. 

And Hollywood actress Gywneth Paltrow - who has lived in the city for nine years - is in agreement.



"I've always felt that London is the capital of the style and street style" she said, talking to the Guardian.

"You see it filtered down into other cities later on, but I think the girls here dress so well, and there's always a twist or a little quirky thing.

"I always think I would never put that together, but when you see it on the girl you think wow - that's really clever."

But despite her love for the fashionable city, the mum-of-two is unsure about attending London Fashion Week, which officially kicks off on Friday.

"It's a bit much," she said. "All the fashion shows - it's scary! They're so unruly in there."



But despite her reluctance to experience the runway aspect of proceedings, the Oscar-winning actress is firmly on the fashion scene.

Widely hailed as a style icon, Gywneth is the new face of Coach (pictured), an American luxury handbag line which she champions thanks to its high-quality products that retail at an affordable price.

"It's very attainable luxury," she said, talking about the brand. "It's really well made but not super expensive."

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