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Rockstar Mick Jagger turns out to support partner L'Wren Scott

"Hey, it was great! It looked fantastic," Mick Jagger proudly exclaimed after watching his girlfriend L'Wren Scott show for the first time ever in London.

Accompanied by fellow bandmate Ronnie Wood, the Rolling Stones star, who has been dating L'Wren for over 10 years, looked on as Utah-born designer unveiled her latest offerings.

And she certainly made her mark in the capital – guests perched at grand tables in banquet-style seating arrangements as they dined on lamb shank shepherd's pie and garden herb salad.



Speaking about the unusual setting for the show, Mick said: "We're very civilized, so we always do a lunch in New York", adding: "Not that anyon ever has time to finish it. I'm usually only about half way through when the show starts and then I stop eating!"

Making the move to London has been a positive experience for L'Wren, who said she feels like she has "come out of the shadows".

She said: "London is my home and it's where I go about my business quietly – moving my show here is like coming out of the shadows."

The 6ft3in designer usually shows in New York, admitting that this decision was due to a lack of models suited to her aesthetic.


Inspired by artist Gustav Klimt, L'Wren revealed a collection featuring curve contouring dresses, structured coats and pin-thin pencil skirts in shades of gold and adorned with intricate embroidery.

L'Wren is known for her polished aesthetic and her ability to make clothes that are equally flattering and glamorous. Before her foray into design, she was a Hollywood stylist and she still oversees boyfriend Mick's wardrobe.

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