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Made in Chelsea stars Amber Atherton and Rosie Fortescue enjoy front row seats at London Fashion Week

Made in Chelsea stars Amber Atherton, Rosie Fortescue and Oliver Proudlock enjoyed front row seats at the DAKS show at London Fashion Week. The stylish reality TV stars looked on as the British design house debuted their collection of chic tailored trousers, shirts, coats and dresses.

Fashion blogger Rosie wore an elegant white blouse, a navy skirt, grey peep-toe heels and carried a burgundy velvet bag.



Amber Atherton and Rosie Fortescue

Amber Atherton and Rosie Fortescue


Amber, who runs her own jewelry company called My Flash Trash, sported a black leather skirt, black tights and black feathered boots and added a splash of colour with a blue and black jumper under a khaki scarf.

Amber had undergone a swift outfit change as earlier in the day the model and businesswoman had attended the Bora Aksu show, which opened London Fashion Week in style.

Enjoying front row seats elsewhere were the Sugababes, Ellie Goulding and Jo Wood.



Ellie Goulding

Ellie Goulding

Dressed in an eye-catching black velvet dress, with cutout details at the back, Ellie watched the PPQ show with the likes of Chris Pine, Lilah Parsons and Bip Ling.

The Sugababes, who are made up of Mutya Buena, Keisha Buchanan and Siobhán Donaghy, all showed off colourful printed outfits as they took their seats at Somerset House.

Siobhán wore a grey hued Herve Leger catwalk skirt and a matching long sleeved top and accessorised with a pair of black and brown Jerome C. Rousseau shoes and a gold clutch bag.



The Sugababes


Keisha paid tribute to PPQ with a black and white patterned top and similar trousers from a previous collection.

After the show the special guests headed to the Sanderson Hotel for PPQ's after show dinner and party where they were serenaded by The Noisettes.

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