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Donna Air: Why we got the giggles during LFW

Hi everyone! Here goes... The first instalment of my London Fashion Week diary for HELLO! Online. How exciting!

I kicked off the London Fashion Week festivities with my first Felder Felder show on Friday. I am always flattered to be invited to shows, and for this one I chose to wear a graphic Felder Felder print dress. Wearing a creation from the designer you're going to see is by no means obligatory but it nice to show support and it certainly makes the "what to wear" conundrum a lot easier!


Donna Air


The show was held on the first morning of fashion week at Somerset House and there was a real buzz – you could really feel the excitement. Everyone is always very energetic at the start of the week; I wonder how we'll all be feeling by the end!

I was sitting next to Laura Whitmore and Amber Le Bon on the front row. Before the show started there was an announcement that got a little giggle from the audience. "Please uncross your legs!" a stern voice boomed out of the speakers. Obviously when you're sitting front row you don't want to stick your legs out too far and trip up the models so it's good show etiquette to sit with uncrossed legs!


amber le bon

Amber Le Bon

I loved the collection, which was very feminine but also wearable. There were lots of sheer fabrics and ruffles with beautiful pops of blue.

It was my daughter's tenth birthday this weekend so I had to do a quick change from my fashion week stilettos to my mummy shoes! An evening of camping in the country certainly brings a welcome dose of reality to LFW weekend.

I am so excited about attending the Burberry show today. Burberry has been always been one of my favourite shows – ever since Christopher Bailey took over as creative director I've been at the shows watching his journey. Seeing how he's transformed the brand has been really exciting. Burberry has been like a diary to my life and I feel nostalgic and patriotic at the same time when I look through my favourite dresses from the last decade.


felder felder

My fashion week essentials are always a pad and pen, iPhone, my Samsung Galaxy Note, snacks and always flat shoes as I generally switch shoes to run between the shows. Flats also make it easier when doing the school pick-up and attending children’s hockey matches – it's not much fun running across the sports field in six inch heels, with little ones who would no doubt be mortified watching their mum do this! An umbrella is another LFW necessity – as it usually rains.

Topshop also offered a great collection, which featured sexy sundresses and gorgeous printed trousers. Topshop always reminds me of my early teens in Newcastle – I spent my first pay cheque from Byker Grove in the Newcastle branch. I like to think I am doing my bit for the economy as I have been investing in fashion for over 20 years! I think women who have grown up with Topshop are now not only buying it for themselves but like me are buying it for their daughters, too.

Check in later to see my report on the Burberry show!

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