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Anna Wintour, Georgia May Jagger and Jourdan Dunn stranded in Newcastle

Anna Wintour is stranded in Newcastle after her plane from New York to London Heathrow was diverted.

The US Vogue editor's flight was forced to make the detour due to the bad weather conditions.

An hour earlier, a Virgin Atlantic flight had left New York with Anna's colleagues Hamish Bowles on board as well as British models Georgia May Jagger and Jourdan Dunn. They were also diverted to Newcastle.



The trio were offered a coach which would take them to London for London Fashion Week, but after hearing it would take six hours they decided to stay at a hotel in the city. One Twitter user tweeted later on that Hamish had visited a Greggs branch for a quick snack.

They made their way back to London first thing, with Jourdan tweeting, "So my plane got diverted to Newcastle last night what a NIGHTMARE! But I did share a four hour care journey ride with @GeorgiaMJagger drinking wine and eating popcorn…"

It hasn't yet been confirmed whether Anna also stayed at the hotel or made her way back to London on the night.



WWD reported that 'the displaced fashion pack were still waiting to hear whether they would be winging it back to Heathrow or making the 276-mile drive'.

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