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'She's a very chic young woman': Duchess designer Daniella on Kate

As a brunette model with cascading curls clad in a billowing emerald dress emerged onto the Issa runway, whispers of ‘Kate Middleton’ rippled through the packed-out room. 

With its decidedly Duchess-friendly designs, it's clear creative director Daniella Helayel had the new royal in mind with her latest collection.

And the bubbly Brazilian spoke about her most famous customer to Hello! Online after the show.



“Kate is a very chic young woman," she said.

"She looks effortlessly elegant and at ease even with the eyes of the world upon her.” 

But she didn’t cite the Duchess of Cambridge as one of the ladies who inspired the new offerings, rather her friends.

“My friends are my muses. Like Camilla Al Fayed, they are the glamorous women that I have in mind when designing,” she said, referring to the daughter of former Harrod’s owner Mohamed Al Fayed.


The show - entitled Trans-Siberian Express - took us on a journey from Moscow to Beijing, and was watched by Gemma Arterton and Tinie Tempah.

Russian doll inspired prints jostled for attention next to dragon-embroidered kaftans and a slinky kimono maxis.

With the hard work over Daniella drew a deep breath. "I should be tired," she told us. "But I'm not tired. I'm too relieved to be tired!"


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