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'I have my Oscars dress!': Kelly Osbourne chats to HELLO! at LFW

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We caught up with fashionista Kelly Osbourne backstage at friend Henry Holland's London Fashion Week show.

"I'm so happy to be here!" she told us. "Henry is one of the only shows I go to consistently at LFW. I know this might sound biased because we are very good friends but look – Henry started off making tshirts and look where he is now!



"To watch the progression of a designer like him and see where his mind goes when he creates a new collection is just amazing to see."

Kelly browsed through the collection, which included jumpers with 'Rich Bitch' emblazoned on the back, with Henry backstage. "I love that this collection is based on deadbeat debutantes," she said. "Those Chelsea idiots that you can't stand and those toffee girls that live off mummy and daddy – it's amazing!"

Talking about what she loves about LFW, Kelly told us, "I think LFW has replaced what New York used to be. You get younger designers with more innovative ideas and it's more trendsetting than just repetitive."



As a presenter on Fashion Police, Kelly is gearing up for another of fashion's biggest events – the Oscars.

"I am SO excited for the Oscars!" she said. "I fit my dress right before we flew out here. It is amazing. I only tried on one!"

The gown isn't, however, very forgiving. "It's sooo tight," she said. "I was like, this dress does me no favours so I have to make sure I stand properly in it. I won't be doing any starvation beforehand though."

Kelly is also excited to see what dresses the A-listers turn up wearing. "Seeing all the dresses is my favourite thing and I'm so lucky that it's my job – that I get to sit there and talk about all beautiful fashion and amazing people."

She already has an idea of what a few of the attendees will be wearing, but is keeping schtum. "When a designer tells you what they've designed and made for a certain celebrity and you're privy to that information first, it's so disrespectful if you were ever to tell anyone. So I have to keep it to myself!"

She was joined on the front row at House of Holland by fellow celebrities Lily Allen, Daisy Lowe and Coco Rocha.

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