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Comment 23 AUGUST 2012

'London Fashion Week is getting better and better': Giles Deacon tells HELLO! Online

Naturally, since I'm meeting a creative genius who has worked for Gucci, Ungaro and Bottega Venetta and dressed Victoria Beckham,Kylie Minogue and Scarlett Johansson, I am slightly nervous.

But as soon Giles Deacon – a tall man in his 40s wearing trendy but not excessively fashiony clothes (plain black T-shirt, denim shorts and Converse trainers) – flashes me an easy, genuine smile, the nerves instantly dissolve.

It’s fair to say he doesn’t exactly fit the mould of a top fashion designer, an impression that gets stronger when he starts talking in a soft Northern accent about his love of cycling.




And several minutes into the informal chat on the balcony of London’s prestigious Soho House, I am delighted when he compliments me on the prized possession that I proudly tote everywhere – my Mulberry handbag. 

I am, of course, keen to know how his London Fashion Week preparation is coming along.

For most designers, the run-up to fashion weeks can be immensely stressful as they strive to put together shining collections in a short amount of time.

Not the Darlington-born designer. He's been showing his eponymous collection Giles since 2004 and is taking it all in his stride.

"We’ve got into a good rhythm with it," says Giles, who is known for his wild prints and humorous references to pop culture.

"We know how to do it now so there’s less stress involved, touch wood," he adds, sipping on his tea. "It’s looking smashing".

And he can't wait to see the whole style extravaganza unfold in September.

"I’m really excited. London has been fantastic for the last five years I think," he said.



"It’s just getting better and better and stronger and stronger. And I think you have such strong designers doing really great things and that’s what makes it brilliant."

And he's keen to stress London’s individuality when it comes to comparison with other fashion weeks around the world. "You look at New York’s fashion week and you see eight collections that all look like they’ve been done by the same person. I find that really boring.”

Giles is also happy to name check peers such as [Christopher Kane – bold, galaxy designs loved by Samantha Cameron] and [Mary Katrantzou – queen of flower power prints] who will be showing alongside him.

"I love the fact that you’ll get Chris doing one thing, Mary doing another and we’ll do ours," enthuses the Darlington-born designer.  

He went on to tell us about the limited edition bag he has designed in collaboration with Sky Ride as part of their annual campaign aimed at giving women stylish yet practical accessories for cycling.


The accessory, which comes in hot pink and turquoise snakeskin print, has been designed for fashion conscious women and screams Giles’ signature style.

The designer, who is an avid cyclist himself, told us that he jumped at the chance to support the initiative.

"We really wanted to get involved to get people out there, cycling, getting fit, looking good and provide a kind of stylish alternative to the world of the twee basket."

"We liked the idea of a statement piece, hence the snake skin and bright colours and we wanted it to be a bit like a cool camera bag that you could then put on the front of your bike."

The bag will be available to buy from early October at the price of £40, but you can register your interest now at goskyride.com.

Report: Alexandra Light

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