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Comment 07 SEPTEMBER 2012

'It's stressful!': Behind the glamour it's organised chaos for model bookers

Think of London Fashion Week, and what comes to mind is images of glamazons sipping champagne and chic soirees popping all over town.

But it's far from constant glitz behind the scenes, making it a very busy time for model agencies.

Subreena Jadhav, a senior booker at Premier Model Management, for one, doesn't have too much time to party (pictured below, second from left).

She told HELLO! Online just how intense – not to mention last minute – the week can become.

"It’s extremely stressful," she says. "Casting only begins roughly a week beforehand."


"And they often get repeated again and again right up to the evening before a designer show. Sometimes a girl won’t be confirmed until five minutes before the show!"

But the models, ranging in age from 17 – 20 years old, all take it in their stride and remain, Subreena insists, very professional.

"The girls are so brilliant and so hard working," she says fondly.

"We rarely deal with difficult models, mostly they are just tired and exhausted."

They are well looked after with Premier, who take time and effort to make sure none are suffering under the strain.


"Because we work with young people there is always an element of 'in loco parentis" involved amongst other roles and responsibility," she says.

"I feel incredibly protective towards the younger girls especially during the show season as fashion week is not only exhausting but also sees an influx of foreign models who will be away from home and may not speak English fluently."

And there is even an assistant sharing an apartment with the models to make sure they take care of themselves.

"We are extremely lucky to have a member of staff who lives in one of the model apartments and can keep an eye on the girls.

"We are quite strict with the models (it's a bit like being a head mistress) and ensure that they are sleeping when they can, not staying out late at the parties and are eating right."

The question of eating habits flags up another important issue – what does she make of the flak the fashion industry gets about models being too thin?

"There is so much criticism in the press about skinny girls, and young girls who are naturally skinny at this age are vilified, so that the public associate their body shape with being 'sick'," replies Subreena.

"It’s really unfair, as these girls’ figures will naturally change as they reach womanhood and develop curves."



To make sure everything runs smoothly, which, says Subreena, "it rarely does", the team often works up to 17 hours a day to keep on top of it.

"We tend to get into the office at around 9am and finish around 1am or 2am."

And given the biggest challenge they face is time management, organisation is key.

"Getting the girls to the show venues on time and getting them into their cars at the end of shows to take them onto the next venue, especially when their shows are back to back, is difficult.

"We have to be super organised, making sure everyone is in place and runs like clock-work."

But Subreena wouldn’t change her fast-paced job for the world.

"I love my job as it gives me a chance to help guide young people from all walks of life to an exciting and successful future.

“It can be quite rewarding, especially if there is a Cinderella ending!”


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