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Comment 16 SEPTEMBER 2012

Vivienne Westwood, 71, in hot pants to call for a green revolution

Passersby at the Foreign & Commonwealth Office probably thought mandarins were being unusually strident.

In fact, the banner proclaiming the need for 'Climate Revolution' was an introduction to Vivienne Westwood's Red Label show.

Inside, her clarion call was spelled out the back of t-shirts, with the message further brought home by models, including Alice Dellal, with their faces painted green. 

When the 71-year-old took her bow it was in typically eccentric style. She strode out wearing hot pants, a t-shirt also boasting the words 'Climate Revolution' and with a drawn-on eye patch and moustache.

Dame Vivienne told her audience: "Buy less, choose well, make it last."


Vivienne Westwood

In contrast to the campaigning tone, the fashion was sweetly retro, featuring cocktail dresses, tucked up to create her famous feminine silhouette and elaborate floral headdresses. 

There were also twin-sets in icy pastels paired with capri pants and pencil skirts. And most ladylike of all were Grace Kelly headscarves.

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