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Comment 18 SEPTEMBER 2012

Giles Deacon's 'smashing' glass gowns give sharp edge to London

Giles Deacon let us in on the secret of his new collection weeks ago.

The Yorkshire-born designer told HELLO! Online that it was "looking smashing" and we now realise he meant it literally.

Revered for going against the grain, he stunned the glitterati by unveiling a breathtaking show inspired by broken glass.

The motif came through in photo prints, laser cut PVC and oversized headwear with sprays of smashed shards.




"I like creating something beautiful out of something ugly," Giles said afterwards.

The dramatic concept was married with romance, resulting in an eccentric yet wearable collection featuring haunting, fairy-tale inspired dresses with beautiful galloping Pegasus prints.


Giles Deacon

The colour palette stuck closely to the Spring/Summer 2013 must-have hues of black, white and blue.

But he injected some sparkle with embellished evening gowns.

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